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Released Bunny 350 Creations and version

Name Description Version
RabbitBot Robotic Rabbit that is controlled by a player 1.0
Version Checker Checks your Minecraft version in the world 2.1
Bunny 350 Matrix Matrix displays made by Bunny 350 1.1
Bunny 350 Matrix - Series 2 Next Generation of Bunny 350 Matrix 1.2

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  • Bunny 350

    Hi! I have working on this wiki and my fan wiki, however I am closing the recurring wiki, named "Bunny350's Products Wikia" at June 30, but not just closing the recurring wiki, it is merging to this wiki!

    There is a reason why it needs to merge but not only to close the recurring wiki.

    1. Content from modes was different, or has more trusted information from copied wiki.

    Bunny350's Products Wikia's content will be copied to this wiki (Bunny 350 Wiki). Then Bunny350's Products Wikia will be closed …

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  • Bunny 350

    Bunny 350 Fan Wiki

    April 12, 2018 by Bunny 350

    Welcome to Bunny 350 Wiki! Today, we are create our fan wiki called Bunny 350 Fan Wiki, as of this, the wiki will be created at Saturday, known as April 14, 2018.

    The upcoming wiki will now have "Bunny 350 Matrix - Series 3" as a default fan page. You can create your fan wiki but you should create it that is related to Bunny 350.

    Compare to this wiki, There are some rules changed, especially #1, were removed "metion to Bunny 350".

    You can create pages that is/are mentioned by Bunny 350. However yo…

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  • Bunny 350

    Hi! Welcome to Bunny 350 Wiki. As of this, there is only me editing this wiki.

    Why there is only 1 active user editing this wiki?

    An admin was inactive and there is only a user editing a page.

    Vandal's edits was deleted by only a user who has admin rights but there is no other user is editing.

    There are some reasons why I need to re-enable is

    1. Only myself to edit

    2. Does not have enough grammar reasons.

    3. The rule message was appeared as an pop-up notification message.

    Some of them was able to edit …

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  • Bunny 350

    This is the first upgrade due to Minecraft update.

    Hello! Today I viewed some of the features on my creations needs to be changed due to Minecraft Vanilla version 1.13. As of this, the first update due to the Minecraft Version update is applied first is Version Checker. After that I will fix other of my creations to 1.13.

    Here is the list I have created.

    Name of the creation Status
    Version Checker

    Command Creation: Complete

    Anti-piracy device: Complete

    RabbitBot Announces at November 24.
    Bunny 350 Matr…

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